Linda Burman-Hall

Research Professor, Professor Emerita of Music
Director, Santa Cruz Baroque Festival
Board of Directors, Natural Bridges Media, Santa Cruz/KSQD FM Community Radio KSQD-FM Community Radio


Baroque music and performance practices; historic keyboard repertoire (harpsichord, organ, and fortepiano); Indonesian music cultures; ethnomusicology; new and experimental music, including bio-music.

Research Interests: 

Linda Burman-Hall's research centers on performance practices and improvisation in selected Western and non-Western musics. She is active not only as a musicologist-performer specializing in Baroque and classical literature for early keyboards and as director and performer of early chamber music, but also as an ethnomusicologist of Euro-American and Indonesian traditional musics. She is interested in relating regional styles and fashions in music to their cultural context and in describing and performing appropriate realizations of musical materials. Her work at UC-Santa Cruz has always been balanced between ethnomusicology and early music. Various projects she has undertaken have allowed a fusion of early music and ethnomusicology: numerous Caltic folk and Baroque concerts, also French and Spanish folk and Baroque concerts, Russian folk and Classical concerts, African and Arab pianism articles and performances, and Santa Cruz Baroque Festival sponsored projects resulting in commercially released CDs such as Cantemir: Ottoman music in Istanbul and Europe around 1700, Raga & Raj: North Indian music in England and India around 1800, and Haydn and the Gypsies. 


Although she is perhaps best known as Artistic Director of Santa Cruz Baroque Festival, Linda Burman-Hall regularly performs a wide range of music, from works of the medieval mystic Hildegard of Bingen through the 20th Century works of Lou Harrison to world premieres of multi-cultural, experimental, computer and gamelan music.


Early Music

In early music, following advanced study with the late Dutch scholar-performer Gustav Leonhardt, she has specialized in solo and ensemble music for 17th and 18th century keyboards (harpsichord, organ, and fortepiano). She has performed and recorded with celebrated performers of early music and California artists, including Judith Nelson, Max van Egmond, Randall Wong, Elizabeth Blumenstock, Leta Miller, Anner Bylsma,  John Dornenburg, and Nicole Paiement, and appeared with groups such as Philharmonia Baroque, Chanticleer, American Baroque Ensemble, Musica Pacifica, and the group Lux Musica, which she directed for .


Contemporary Music

In contemporary music, Linda Burman-Hall has performed with artists as diverse as Steve Reich  and Meredith Monk, and has commissioned, premiered and recorded new music for historic keyboards by contemporary Indonesian and North American composers (see Gamelan at UCSC), and by her colleagues at UC-Santa Cruz (David Cope-EMI, David Jones, and by retired Lecturer Robert Strizich). She has performed and sometimes commissioned duo works for harpsichord with Asian chordophones including Japanese koto, Chinese zheng, and West Javanese kacapi indung, She is currently composing a cycle of electro-acoustic audio collages based on the vocalizations of endangered species from the Indonesian rainforest.


Non-Western Music

As a cultural musicologist, Linda Burman-Hall has studied, performed and taught world music and ethnomusicology at UC-Santa Cruz, with emphasis on gamelan traditions of Indonesia. Her research since 2011 in ethnomusicology has been based in the Mentawai Archipelago, which she visits annually for fieldwork to collect the old songs from shamans (Sikerei) and to tie these songs to the animist religion and traditional cosmology of the pre-Christian Mentawai people. Linda has given papers about her ethnomusicological research in Mentawai to international meetings of the American Anthropological Association (SF), International Primatological Society (Hanoi), Small Island Cultures Research Initiatives Conference (Okinawa), International Council for Traditional Music (Limerick), Society for Ethnomusicology (Albuquerque) and will again report on her recent work in 2019 at the International Council of Traditional Music (Bangkok).For further information on Linda's publications in ethnomusicology, select world music research. For more detailed information on Linda's education, academic appointments, teaching areas, awards and memberships, select More.
Education and Training: 
B.A., University of California, Los Angeles
M.F.A., Ph.D., Princeton University
Selected Publications: 


Articles in Journals/Monographs in Books



[forthcoming] Ethnomusicology in the Dutch East Indies before World War II: The Life and Times of J. S. Brandts Buys (1879-1939) and Anne Brandts Buys-van Zijp (1885-1956).   Revised and expanded Editorial Preface for my forthcoming new translated and reorganized edition of The Music of the Madurese by J. S. and A. Brandts Buys-van Zijp, De Toonkunst bij de Madoereezen, Djawa VIII, 1928


2017 Burman-Hall: 'ONLY IN MENTAWAI: Unique Primate Vocalisations and Songs in an Isolated Indonesian group'

         35-page ethnomusicology monograph on primate-related songs with my original photos and a link to recordings  in the 3  Southern islands of the Mentawai Archipelago. 

         Shima is a juried online journal in the field of island studies.


2005  “Introducing al-Biyanu:  A First Survey of Oral Tradition Pianism in North Africa” in Towards an African Pianism: Keyboard Music of Africa and the Diaspora (ISBN 0-9627473-6-X). Music Research Institute, Richmond, CA. (28 pp) 

2000 'African Pianism: Placing an Emerging

  Repertoire in Context,' Intercultural Musicology 2, no. 1-2: 8-10  (October)



 1993 'Gamelan Town: Sundanese Arts at UCSC,' Balungan V, no. 2: 35-36



 1993 'Warna: A Life in Music; Nano S’s first composition for American gamelan(solicited analytic article), Balungan V, no. 2: 24-29 with diagram; editor of the  score for “Warna” as the basis for the article, published in the same issue (Balungan V, no. 2: 30-34)  


1995 The Fahnestock South Seas Expeditions: Excursions in Madurese Music (solicited monograph), in Kees van Dijk, Huub de Jonge and Elly Touwen-Bousma, editors, Across Madura Strait: The Dynamics of an Insular Society; 135-156, Leiden, Rijksuniversiteit (The Royal Institute of Anthropology and Linguistics), The Netherlands.   



Visual Arts 

  2000 Interview article, 'Kesa for the Millennium – Betsy Sterling Benjamin Creates Seven Robes for World Peace,' Kyoto Review 49: 2-4



 2000 CD review, 'Gamelan Tunas Mekar: Music of Bali, Indonesia, I Madé Lasmawan, Artistic Director, with notes by David Harnish (Prolific Records, 1995)'; Asian Music XXXI, no. 2: 177-180 (Spring/Summer)


 1995 Book review, 'Amy Catlin, with Sam-Ang Sam and Chan Moly Sam,  Khmer Classical Dance Songbook (Van Nuys: Apsara Media for Intercultural Education, 1992)'; Ethnomusicology 39, no. 3 (fall), pp. 508-510


 1995 Film review, 'Amy Catlin, From Angkor to America: The Cambodian Dance and Music Project of Van Nuys, 1984-1990 (Van Nuys: Apsara Media for Intercultural Education, 1991)'; Ethnomusicology 39, no. 3 (fall), pp. 538-39


 1991 Book review, 'Gene Wiggins, Fiddlin’ Georgia Crazy: Fiddlin’ John Carson, His Real World, and the World of His Songs (Urbana: University of Illinois Press, 1987)'; Ethnomusicology 35, no. 1 (winter): 153-154


Articles in Regional or Campus Publications

 2000 “Teaching the Whole Musician,” Faculty Focus 6, no. 3: 12-14 (Spring), University of California, Santa Cruz 


 1999 “A Future of Ancient Sounds,” Center Stage I, no. 2: 5 (Winter 1999-2000)





2012 Mentawai: Listening to the Rainforest: A Meditation on Endangered Primates And Their Rainforest Habitats. Producer, filmmaker, ethnomusicologist, with photographer/biologist Richard Tenaza. 2011 laureate, UCSC; 2012 laureate,  UC-Davis Earth Day; 2012 laureate, American Anthropological Association Society for Visual Anthropology, San Francisco, CA; 2014 laureate, International Primatological Society, Hanoi, Vietnam.[50 minutes, in revision]




 2009 Kahyangan: The Balinese Journey of the Soul, co-producer and ethnomusicologist-ethnographer and screenwriter, in collaboration with Eli Hollander, co-producer, director, videographer.  2006 laureate, Society for Ethnomusicology. Berkeley Media.


 2002/04 Kawitan: Creating Childhood in Bali, video documentary on ritual, sound and motion in the context of life-cycle rituals for children. Co-producer, ethnomusicologist, scriptwriter,  in collaboration with Eli Hollander, videographer and director. Center for Media and Independent Learning, University of California, Berkeley, 2002; re-released Berkeley Media, 2004 (57 minutes) 2002 laureate, Society for Ethnomusicology

Selected Performances: 

With Leslie Hirsch, 7-string viola d'amore, Carlitos de Santa Cruz, cante flamenco, El Duquete, guitar.



Santa Cruz Baroque Festival, Linda Burman-Hall, harpsichord and fortepiano. UCSC Music Recital Hall (April 29)



Santa Cruz Baroque Festival, Directed by Linda Burman-Hall, harpsichord and chest organ

With Edwin Huizinga, Baroque Violin; Lars Johannesson, traverso flute, David Morris, Baroque Cello.

UCSC Music Recital Hall (April 8)



Santa Cruz Baroque Festival, Directed by Linda Burman-Hall, harpsichord, virginal and chest organ.

With Elizabeth Hungerford, soprano and Hideki Yamaya, 10-course Renaissance lute.

UCSC Music Recital Hall (February 10)




Featured Soloist with Espressivo Orchestra, Directed by Michel Singher

UCSC Music Recital Hall.

See Live Recording:



Santa Cruz Baroque Festival, Directed by Linda Burman-Hall, harpsichord.

With Edwin Huizinga, Baroque Violin, Bill Coulter, Guitar, and Claudia Liliana Gantivar, Recorders, Barry Phillips, Cello.

Vivaldi: The 4 Seasons (arranged for chamber ensemble); James Oswald's Airs for the Seasons; J. C. Schmidt's Chaconne from Les Quatres Saisons.

With original wide-screen images of Scottish wildflowers curated by Artistic Director Linda Burman-Hall.

UCSC Music Recital Hall (February 25 & 26)



Santa Cruz Baroque Festival, Directed by Linda Burman-Hall, harpsichord

With Shiela Willey, Soprano, Alan Keith, French Musette Bagpipes, Debra Dawson, Vielle à Roue, Shelley Phillips, Oboe da Caccia, Yueh Chou, Baroque Bassoon, and Brian Steeger, tambour. Provincial folk music and Airs de cour.

UCSC Music Recital Hall (February 4)



  Lou Harrison: CINNA (Microtonal Suite of Incidental Music for Corneille's Cinna: The Clemency of Augustus) with Shadow Puppeteer Larry Reed and 3 assistant puppeteers; Shadowlight Productions. Linda Burman-Hall, Solo Microtonal Tack Piano in Septimal Just Intonation; improvisations.

Center for New Music, 55 Taylor, San Francisco (May 18)


LOU HARRISON CENTENNIAL CONCERT (same performance as May 18)

Lou Harrison: CINNA (Microtonal Suite of Incidental Music for Corneille's Cinna: The Clemency of Augustus) with Shadow Puppeteer Larry Reed and 3 assistant puppeteers; Shadowlight Productions. Linda Burman-Hall, Solo Microtonal Tack Piano in Septimal Just Intonation; improvisations. Presented by Santa Cruz New Music Works.

Peace United Church, Santa Cruz (May 14)




Santa Cruz Baroque Festival, Directed by Linda Burman-Hall, harpsichord, virginals. 

With Elizabeth Hungerford, soprano and Hideki Yamaya, plucked strings. Cutting edge music from the 17th  and 18th  Centuries. 

UCSC Music Recital Hall. (April 23)With Elizabeth Hungerford, soprano and Hideki Yamaya, plucked strings. 

 Santa Cruz Baroque Festival, Directed by Linda Burman-Hall, harpsichord

With Caterina Lichtenberg & Mike Marshall, mandolins. Vivaldi, Bach.  Steeger, tambour. Provincial folk music and Airs de cour.

Peace United Church (March 12 and March 13)


 Santa Cruz Baroque Festival, Directed by Linda Burman-Hall, harpsichord

With Rebecca Rust, cello and Friedrich Edelmann, bassoon; Dmitriy Cogan, piano, Arnold Gregorian, double bass; 

UCSC Music Recital Hall  (February 28)




Santa Cruz Baroque Festival, Directed by Linda Burman-Hall, harpsichord  

With Marja Gaynor, Baroque violin & Eamon Sweeney, Baroque guitar and theorbo. Harpsichord and Deep Space Projection Curation.

East Cork Early Music Festival, Devere Hall, University College Cork, Ireland (October 9)     [see the performance and with my curation of deep space progressions] 


Music on the Mountain; Espressivo Orchestra: a small intense orchestra, conducted by Michel Singher. Classical accordion. With Roy Malan, Susan Vollmer, Kumi Uyeda, and 13 other soloists in Paul Hindemith's Chamber Concerto No. 1. San Lorenzo Valley High School Auditorium, Felton (September 13). See review,C Music Center Recital Hall (May 2) 


Santa Cruz Baroque Festival, Concert IV. Treasures of J. S. Bach.  Director of Lux  Musica, harpsichord solo and continuo and organ continuo. With Lars Johannesson,  baroque flute, David Wilson, baroque violin, Amy Brodo, viola da gamba. Obbligato, Continuo and Trio Sonatas by J. S. Bach, including The Musical Offering Trio Sonata. UCSC Music Center Recital Hall (May 2)


Santa Cruz Baroque Festival, Concert II Treasures of the Irish Harp; Music of Turlough    O'Carolan. Director of Lux Musica and co-director) of the concert with harpsichord. With William Coulter, guitar, co-director. Deby Benton Grosjean, fiddle, Lars Johannesson, baroque flute, Shelley Phillips, Steve Coulter, Jesse Autumn, harps, and Barry Phillips, violoncello. UCSC Music Recital Hall (February 21). 


 Santa Cruz Baroque Festival, Concert I. Treasures from the Birth of the Baroque. Marja     Gaynor, Baroque violin, Nina Treadwell, lute, baroque guitar, archlute. With Deep Space Progressions curated by Linda Burman-Hall, and an introduction by William Mathews, astronomer. UCSC Music Recital Hall (February 6)



Santa Cruz Baroque Festival, Concert V. Wind Power: Virtuoso Music for Baroque Flutes. Director, harpsichord and organ. With Claudia Liliana Gantivar, recorders, with Lars Johannesson and Alissa Roedig, early flutes and Amy Brodo, violoncello and viol. Works of J. S. Bach, G. F. Handel,  C. P. E. Bach, J. Quantz and G. P. Telemann. UCSC Music Center Recital Hall (May 10) 


Santa Cruz Baroque Festival, Concert IV. A Scottish Festival: Duelling Fiddles and Dances. Co-director, harpsichord. With Deby Benton Grosjean and Leslie Hirsch,    fiddles/Baroque violins, David Brewer, bagpipes, whistle and bodhrán, Peter Maund, percussion, Amy Brodo, cello. Works of Oswald, Bremner, Geminiani,           MacDonald, McGibbon, and Celtic traditional music. UCSC Music Center Recital Hall  (April 5)


Santa Cruz Baroque Festival, Concert III. Baroque Inspirations: Old & New Music for Early Instruments. Director, with Robert Strizich (composer), and Lux Musica (Lars Johannesson, Baroque flutes, David Wilson, violin, Amy Brodo and Linda Burman-Hall, harpsichord. Music by Marais and Strizich.  UCSC Music Center Recital Hall  (March 15) 


Santa Cruz Baroque Festival, Concert II. Joyful Reunion, a collaboration of Santa Cruz Chorale and Santa Cruz Baroque Festival. Solo and      continuo chest organ, co-director. With Paul Murray, bass, Daniel Plaster,  tenor, Suzanne Duval, soprano and Baroque orchestra, conducted by Christian Grube. Music of Bach, Handel and Purcell, at Holy Cross Church (March 1-2)



 Santa Cruz Baroque Festival Concert V: Popular Baroque Revival. Director, arranger, harpsichord and organ solo and ensemble with Robert Stern and David Wilson, violins, Mesut Özgen, guitar, Stan Poplin, bass, Richard Bryant and Sarina Hall, vocals, Steve Robertson, drums and Lux Musica Ensemble. UCSC Music Center Recital Hall (May 11)

Music & Dance of Bali. Gamelan musician with Anak Swarasanti. With I Gedé Oka Artha Negara and  Sarah Artha Negara, sponsored by CSM Dance Department, College of San Mateo     Theater (April 11)

Several hundred performances earlier than 2013 April are not entered on this online biography, but may be obtained by request from Music Department. 

Selected Recordings: 

Musical Recordings and Notes for Recordings

2017  Mikrokosma/Ellipses ~ Wayne Vitale & Brian Baumbusch — New World Records 80785 Gamelan Semar Pegulingan, Linda Burman-Hall, performer on 'Ellipses' with UCSC Gamelan March 2015.

2015 Bill Alves: Guitars & Gamelan. HMC American Gamelan (Artist), UCSC Gamelan Semar Pegulingan Dharma Kanti (Artist), John Schneider (Artist), HMC Electronic Music Ensemble (Artist), Nat Condit-Schultz and Sean Hayward (Artists), Los Angeles Electric 8 (Artist), Bill Alves (Composer, Conductor) 'Angin Listrik' world premiere. Linda Burman-Hall, Director, UCSC Gamelan Semar Pegulingan Dharma Kanti (Artist)

2013 Bill Alves: Toccata & Ground. World premiere, with Henry Spiller, Sundanese kacapi indung; Linda Burman-Hall, harpsichord. [recorded for 'Pacific Pluck CD Project']

2011 David Loeb: Sei-Yuu (Quiet Evening), for Koto and Harpsichord (2010). World premiere, with Shoko Hikage, koto.

[recorded for 'Pacific Pluck CD Project']


2010 Raga & Raj CD, including Barry Phillips: Eight Ragas (2010), Hindoostanee Airs (1789), Lou Harrison: Jahla Journey (arr. Burman-Hall), Raghupati. Harpsichord, fortepiano, percussion. Co-director of Lux Musica, with Indian instruments. 

 East meets West Music


2010 Jefferson's Fiddle — Music from the collection of Thomas Jefferson. William Coulter, guitar with Deby Benton Grosjean, violin/fiddle and friends; harpsichord. Gourd CD GM141

2009 Janet Danielson: Enchanted Glass. American premiere, harpsichord with Mei Han, Chinese zheng. [recorded for 'Pacific Pluck CD Project']


 2009 From Moldavia to Istanbul: The Musical World of Dimitrie Cantemir. Smithsonian Institution Freer and Sackler Galleries web podcast publication of musical performance, images, my notes drawn from the 2003 Cantemir CD, combined with selected parts of the series of performances I co-directed at The Smithsonian Institution in June, 2009. 

 2009 Colonial Christmas. Barry Phillips & Friends; A Collection of Instrumental Carols and Dances from Colonial America, harpsichord solo, continuo and obbligato with Barry Phillips,violoncello, Lars Johannesson, Baroque flute, Shelly Phillips, oboe, Deby Benton Grosjean, fiddle. Gourd 139A


 2008 Intersections: Bandung meets Bali. World premieres of New Music by Nano S; traditional Indonesian music and dance. Drum and co-direction  of UCSC Balinese Gamelan. Selected excerpts from in-concert video. Full Circle Video (May 10) 


 2004 Music of Darius Milhaud . Sonate pour violon et Claveçin (1945); on 1950s Pleyel harpsichord with violinist Laura Albers and director Nicole Paiement and the Parallèle Ensemble. Kleos KL5131 

 2004 Celtic Caravans: The Road to Romanticism, fortepiano, harpsichord,  virginals, director, and arranger; compositions and arrangements by J. Haydn including seven traditional Scottish Songs, four traditional Welsh Airs, eight original English Airs, two instrumental variations by Beethoven, and four traditional Scottish instrumentals, published by Robert Bremner; with Julianne Baird, soprano and other members of Lux Musica (Lars Johannesson, flutes; Rob Diggins, violin; Amy Brodo, violoncello); with booklet of 8 pages by Linda  Burman-Hall. MS 1105.

 2003 Cantemir: Music in Istanbul and Ottoman Europe around 1700, keyboards, percussion, co-director, and arranger; Ottoman compositions of Dmitri Cantemir (Kantemiroglu), traditional Moldavian dances, new music in honor of Kantemir by Lou Harrison and Yalçin Tura; with Regents’ Lecturer Ihsan Özgen, kemençe and tanbur and other members of Lux Musica (Lars Johannesson, flutes; David Wilson, violin, viola; Amy Brodo, viol) and with Mesut Özgen, lute, guitar, percussion; with booklet of 12 pages by Linda  Burman-Hall. Golden Horn, GHP019-2.  

 2003 Solo CD: Satie: Visions, Solo Érard grand piano (c. 1875), Six Gnossiennes, Pièces Froides, Danses Gothiques, Trois Sarabandes, Prélude de la Porte Héroique du Ciel, Trois Gymnopédies, Trois Mélodies (with Patrice Maginnis, soprano); with booklet of 8 pages by Linda Burman-Hall. Musicians Showcase (CD), MSR1097.


 2003 Virtual Bach – Music by David Cope, Experiments in Musical Intelligence, with David Cope (EMI-Bach), harpsichord soloist in computer-composed Bach harpsichord concerto; Nicole Paiement, conductor and the Santa Cruz Baroque Festival Orchestra; Centaur (CD), CRC 2619     


 2003  Solo CD: J. S. Bach: Two Faces of Genius; Harpsichord Solo Works in Italian and French Taste, “Ouverture nach Französischer Art” (BWV 831), “Chromatische Fantasie und Fuge” (BWV 903), “Concerto seu Toccata pour le Clavecin” (BWV 916), “Concerto nach italienischem Gusto” (BWV 971); solo harpsichord; with booklet of 4 pages by Linda Burman-Hall. Musicians Showcase (CD), MSR 1086.


2000 Soundings: A Musical Gallery, a compilation CD featuring selections by department composers, performers and ensembles. Director of Balinese gamelan angklung ‘Swarasanti’ in Kesuma Sari by Suweca; tack piano in Incidental Music for Corneille’s ‘Cinna,’ by Lou Harrison; and harpsichord in Toccata in G Major (BWV 916), by Bach; Music Department, University of California, Santa Cruz  (CD). see Tr 7: ‘Kesuma Sari’ by Suweca.


 2000 Solo CD: Lou Harrison: Complete Harpsichord Works, Music for Tack Piano & Fortepiano, In Historic and Experimental Tunings; “A Sonata for Harpsichord,” “Village Music, Six Sonatas for Cembalo,” “Incidental Music for Corneille’s ‘‘Cinna,’” “A Summerfield Set,” “Earlier Works for Solo Keyboard;” solo keyboards, cover design; with booklet of 10 pages by Linda Burman-Hall, Lou Harrison, and William Slye. New Albion (CD), NA 117


 2000 Haydn and the Gypsies – Works in Style Hongrois, music of Haydn, Bengraf, Hummel, Bihari, Lavotta, Csermák, and Kauer; fortepiano solos, improvisations, ensemble direction, arrangements, notes; with Monica Huggett, violin and other members of Lux Musica (Rob Diggins, violin; Lars Johannesson, Classical flute; Victoria Gunn, viola; Amy Brodo, violoncello);  director, fortepiano, percussion; with booklet of 8 pages by Linda Burman-Hall. Kleos Classics Records (CD), KL 5101


2000 Classical Cats, works by Hothby, Ciconia, Lawes, Biber, Wise, d’Urfey, Brown, Seyfert, D. Scarlatti, Shield, Mozart, Rossini and several anonymous and traditional works; fortepiano and harpsichord solos, improvisations, ensemble direction, arrangements, and notes; with other members of Lux Musica (Victoria Gunn, violin and viola; Lars Johannesson, Classical flute; Amy Brodo, viol and violoncello) and vocal soloists (Patrice Maginnis, soprano; Brian Staufenbiel, tenor; and Boyd Jarrell, bass-baritone); with booklet of 10 pages by Linda Burman-Hall. Kleos Classics Records (CD), KL  5110


 1999 Virtual Mozart – Algorithmic compositions by Artificial Intelligence, fortepiano soloist in computer-written Mozart piano concerto; with David Cope (EMI-Mozart), Nicole Paiement, conductor and the Santa Cruz Baroque Festival Orchestra; Centaur (CD), CRC 2452


 1998 Vivaldi Cantatas, “Sorge vermiglia in ciel” (RV 667); “All’ombra di sospetto” (RV 678), for soprano, flute and basso continuo; “Amor, hai vinto” (RV 651), soprano and basso continuo; “La Farfalletta s’aggira al lume” (RV 660), for soprano and basso continuo; “Lungi dal vago volto” (RV 680), for soprano, violin and basso continuo; obbligato and continuo harpsichord, with Randall Wong, sopranist and Leta Miller, Baroque flute; Helicon (CD), HE 1032


 1998 Director and drummer, Gamelan ‘Anak Swarasanti,’ with Gamelan community members and UCSC gamelan students, Balinese traditional and new music, private issue CD by Banjar Bali Santa Cruz   


1997 Heinrich Schütz: A Musical Portrait, works from Cantiones Sacræ, Symphoniæ Sacræ I and II, Geistliche Chormusik, Kleine Geistliche Konzerte, Zwölf Geistliche Gesänge and Sieben Worte am Kreuz (oratorio); organ continuo; with Nicole Paiement, conductor; Randall Wong, sopranist; Melinda da Jesus, alto; Brian Staufenbiel and Joseph Meyers, tenors; Leroy Kromm, bass; UCSC Chamber Singers and instrumentalists (Michael Sand and Rob Diggins, Baroque violins; Warren Stewart; Baroque cello and John Dornenburg; violone); Helicon (CD), HE 1037


1997 Classical Music Composed by Computer, five recitatives and arias from “Mozart,” a computer-composed opera in the style of Mozart (EMI-Mozart, developed by David Cope), fortepiano obbligato and continuo accompaniment; also ugal (lead metallophone) and director of UCSC Gamelan in “Mozart in Bali,” a style morph exploring the transition between Mozart piano concerto and traditional Balinese gamelan databases, with Randall Wong, sopranist, David Cope, composer, Mary Jane Cope, pianist, and members of UCSC Gamelan (CD project, recorded 1994); Centaur (CD), CRC 2329   


1997 Music For the Royal Pleasures: French Harpsichord, Lute and Organ Music in the Court of Louis XIV, first recordings of Hardel: Complete Works, Richard: Suites for Harpsichord & Organ; with two Anonymous préludes non mesurés recorded for the first time, solo keyboard works, and keyboard solos accompanied by lute, with Catherine Liddell; booklet of 24 pages by Linda Burman-Hall. Wildboar (CD), WLBR 8601


1996 J. Bodin de Boismortier: Music for 1-4 Flutes, harpsichord obbligato and continuo, with Leta Miller and Santa Cruz Baroque Festival Ensemble (Louise Carslake, Sue Bishop, Herbert W. Myers and John Dornenburg); Musical Heritage Society (CD), MHS 514082Z


1995  New Music for Early Instruments, solo harpsichord works by Lou Harrison and Gordon Mumma, duets for harpsichord and flutes by David Evan Jones and Robert Strizich, other works and performers, with Leta Miller, Richard Crocker, Eva Legêne et al.; Musical Heritage Society (CD), MHS 513988A


1993 Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach: Four Sonatas for Flute and Cembalo Concertante, fortepiano solo and continuo realizations, with Leta Miller and Robert Strizich (recorded March, 1990); Musical Heritage Society (CD), MHS 5132 58L (also Intrada 11 58512, 1993)


1993 Alessandro Stradella: Esule dalle sfere, harpsichord obbligato and continuo, with Max van Egmond, Mary Rawcliffe, Brian Staufenbiel, Leon Wann, UCSC Chamber Singers and Baroque Ensemble, conducted by Nicole Paiement (recorded May, 1990); Musical Heritage Society (CD) 513257T, and (MC) 313257Y


1990 Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach: Six Sonatas for Flute and Continuo (The Earlier Sonatas), harpsichord continuo, with Leta Miller and Roland Hutchinson; Centaur (CD), CRC 2987


1987 Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach: 6 Sonatas for Flute and Continuo and Flute Unaccompanied (The Late Sonatas), harpsichord, fortepiano, and liner notes, with Leta Miller and Roland Hutchinson; Centaur (CD), CRC 2031.


J. Bodin de Boismortier: Music for 1-4 Flutes

Selected Presentations: 



'Urai Sikerei: Shaman Songs about the Bilou (Siberut Island, North Mentawai, Indonesia)' ICTM (International Council for Traditional Music) meeting — hosted by Irish World Academy of Music and Dance, University of Limerick, Ireland. 2017, Limerick, Ireland, 13-19 June



'Urai Sikerei: Shaman Songs about the Bilou (South Mentawai)' my report on shamanic songs in Mentawai.  SICRI Conference (Small Islands Cultural Initiative),, Okinawa, Japan.  6-9 June



2014  'Mentawai: Listening to the Rainforest' (1 hour original film showing and paper, both in collaboration with Richard Tenaza. International Primatological Society,  Linda Burman-Hall (University of California, Santa Cruz) and Richard Tenaza         (University of the Pacific) Sounds, Sights, And Plights Of Mentawai Primates And Their Rain Forest Habitats. International Primatological Society Bi-Annual Meeting, Hanoi, Vietnam (August 14).


2012    Linda Burman-Hall (University of California, Santa Cruz) and Richard Tenaza (University of the Pacific) Mentawai, Listening to the Rainforest: A Meditation on Endangered Primates and their Habitat. American Anthropological Association - Society for Visual Anthropology Annual Visual Research Conference, San Francisco (November 14)

Teaching Interests: 

Baroque Music Theory; Harpsichord Literature; Baroque Chamber Music; Historical and Experimental Intonation and Tuning Systems

Celtic Music and Celtic/British and North American Folk Instrumental Music

Gamelan Cultures; Indonesian Rainforest Peoples

Honors and Awards: 

2018 Exhibitor, California Aiseki Kai, Huntington Museum, San Marino, California (December), Invitational viewing stones exhibit. 

2018 Exhibitor, Golden State Invitational Suiseki Exhibit, Sacramento, California (October), Invitational viewing stones exhibit.

2018 Exhibitor, National Invitational Suiseki Exhibit, Rochester, New York (September). Invitational viewing stones exhibit.

Creative Work Fund Grant, 2009-10 (Raga & Raj Indian music project with composer Barry Phillips, for Lux Musica to perform at Santa Cruz Baroque Festival)

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