Costume design for the interludes for La pellegrina (1589).  Arion (or possibly Apollo) holding a six-string viol with a lira da braccio-style peg box.  Professor Nina Treadwell is a specialist in music of the Renaissance and early Baroque periods. 


Leta Miller and Fred Lieberman's study of the life and work of composer Lou Harrison (University of Illinois Press, 2004).

One of several metallophones tuned in just intonation built by composer Lou Harrison in 1971 for his second opera Young Caesar.

A page from Frédéric Chopin's autograph for his Sonata in B Minor.  Professor Anatole Leikin, a specialist in the music of Chopin and Scriabin, is editor of the sonatas for the forthcoming Chopin Critical Edition.

The "Cluster Motive" from German-American composer Johanna Magdalene Beyer's piano suite Clusters.  Professor Amy Beal has published on the life and work of Beyer, and has edited Clusters for publication. Beal's work embraces avant-garde and experimental music of all types.

Professor Amy Beal's second book, published in the University of Illinois Press's American Composers series in 2011, focuses on the life and work of composer Carla Bley. A review was featured in Wire magazine.

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