Course requirements for the DMA degree

Please note: Graduate students must take all core courses for a letter grade. These courses include the following: Music 200, 201, 202, 203A-H, 206A-D, 219, 220, 253A-D, and 254A-M. Independent study courses (Music 261, 265, 295, 297, 298 and 299) and the colloquium course (Music 252) may still be taken with the Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory grade option. Please note that grades of C or D do not satisfy any course requirement for a music graduate degree.

Required core courses:

  • Music 200, Introduction to Research Methods
  • Music 201, History of Music Theory from the Greeks Through Rameau
  • Music 202, Tonal and Posttonal Analysis

Note: Students entering with a master’s degree from another institution may petition to waive one or more of these courses by submitting documentation for equivalent courses completed elsewhere. The petition should be submitted to the department office, and will be decided upon by the instructor of the course(s) and the Music Graduate Committee.

Other required courses:

  • Music 219, Techniques in Composition required during first year of enrollment
  • Music 220, Graduate Seminar in Music Composition (Prerequisite: course 219. May be repeated with different instructors)
  • Music 252, Current Issues Colloquium (0 credits). Students entering in fall 2007 and thereafter are to enroll each quarter in residence. Students who enroll in Music 252 for a letter grade must attend all meetings each quarter to receive a grade of 'A.' Students with one unexcused absence will receive a grade of 'B,' and those with two unexcused absences will receive a 'C.' Please note that grades of C or D do not satisfy any course requirement for a music graduate degree. Students may also enroll with the Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory grade option. A 'Satisfactory' requires attendance at the majority of sessions in a given quarter (3/4 or 2/3). Excused absences are for medical reasons, jury duty or other court attendance, or other extenuating circumstances, all of which must be documented. Students should notify the instructor via e-mail prior to a meeting they cannot attend. In some cases, students who have missed meetings may be given the grade "Incomplete," and a written assignment or other work determined by the instructor will be assigned for removal of the grade 'I.'
  • Music 297, Independent Study (required for preparation of the Qualifying Exam)
  • Music 298, Graduate Recital (enrollment required the quarter of the Qualifying Recital)
  • Music 299, Thesis Research (composition for the dissertation project)

A minimum of five quarters total of graduate independent study (297, 298 or 299) are required.

Additional required courses for students in the algorithmic composition track:

  • Music 206B, Computer-Assisted Composition
  • One course from the Music 203 Performance Practice series
  • Another course selected from Music 206 series, or two quarters of Music 267, Workshop in Computer Music and Visualization

Additional required courses for students in the world music composition track:

  • Music 206A, World Music Composition
  • Music 203H, Area Studies in Performance Practice
  • Music 203G, Concepts, Issues, and the Practice of Ethnomusicology, or another Music 206 course

Music 203A-H, Special Topics in Performance Practice (seminars in performance practices of Euro-American music (Middle Ages, Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romantic and twentieth-century periods) and of traditional musics of Asia and Latin America), other Music Department courses, and UCSC courses from other disciplines.