Joshua Spitsbergen

D.M.A. Student

Joshua Spitsbergen (b.1986) is a composer and guitarist whose works demonstrate his passion to explore the evocative capabilities of music from the Western Classical tradition, while infusing modern techniques, styles, and electronic technologies into them. His works aim at expressing drama, and he enjoys bringing images to life through music by collaborating on visual multimedia projects. He is also greatly interested in and influenced by the ceremonial and celebratory music of Ireland, Spain, and Mongolia. He has been involved extensively in the performance of sacred music, and composing music for liturgical function.


Mr. Spitsbergen holds his Masters in Music Composition from the University of California, San Diego. There, he studied composition with Lei Liang, Chinary Ung, and Philippe Manoury. He has received consultations by composers that include: Roger Reynolds, Katharina Rosenberger, and Rand Steiger. He is currently pursuing his Doctorate in Music Composition at the University of California, Santa Cruz.





Grad Student