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Victor Carvellas

Ph.D. Student

Having come into the doctorate program with a master's I felt I had already been exposed to most of the areas of music that would interest me.  However, after having been here a year, I had discovered new interests, new historical areas, and new conceptual fields to pursue.  As a result, I have new topics to be passionate about as well as a renewed sense of purpose in my academic life.  Most importantly, however, I have come to realize the importance of every other person's contribution to this program and to my own growth, and I respect the department's valuation of collaboration over competition.


In May of 2012 I advanced to candidacy and am currently working on my dissertation on the Music of Morton Subotnick.


Research Interests: 

Music of 1960s San Francisco

Free Jazz

Electroacaoustic Music

Electronica, EDM