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Lydia Werthen

Production Diction Coach

Lydia Werthen studied linguistics at UC Santa Cruz, receiving her B.A. in 2017 and M.A. in 2018. As a student, she performed with Wind Ensemble, Concert Choir, and Chamber Singers and in the chorus of The Magic Flute; as an alumna, she has previously returned to the opera program as a chorus member and accent captain for The Pirates of Penzance. Grateful for this opportunity to coach Italian pronunciation, Lydia would like to extend her deepest thanks to Sheila Willey, Emily Sinclair, Mickey McGushin, and Marco Nistocò for their guidance and encouragement, and to the cast for their endlessly impressive work. When not reciting the International Phonetic Alphabet, Lydia evaluates multilingual map data and conducts experiments with sourdough.