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Christopher Everingham

DMA Student

Christopher Everingham is a composer, bassoonist, bass guitarist, and improvisor. Originally from Missoula, Montana, Christopher performed as the contrabassoonist for the Missoula Symphony from 2009 to 2019. In 2019, Christopher moved to California to study music at CalArts. Christopher's compositions focus on performer agency, formal structures, and intonation. The lack of control we have over so many aspects of our lives serves as part of the inspiration for his music. Performer agency and subversion of formal structures play a role in attempting to relinquish control as a composer and create invitations for performers to take control of the music. In this way, Christopher tries to subtly subvert the power structures inherent in music in the composer and performer relationship. Through the relationship between formal structures and performer agency, Christopher quietly calls for other power structures to be questioned and subverted. 

Research Interests: 

Just Intonation,



Education and Training: 
Bachelor's of Music Composition and Music Technologies, University of Montana, 2013
Master's of Fine Arts in Music as a Performer/Composer, California Institute of the Arts, 2022
Teaching Interests: 

Composition, Intonation, Theory, Analysis, Performance