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David Cope

Professor Emeritus of Music

Algorithmic Composition, Musical Intelligence

Research Interests: 

DAVID COPE is a composer, author, and Professor Emeritus. His books "Computers And Musical Style" (1991), and "Experiments In Musical Intelligence" (1996) are both available from A-R Editions, "Techniques Of The Contemporary Composer" (1997) is available from Schirmer Books, "New Directions In Music (7th Edition)" (2000) is available from Waveland Press, "The Algorithmic Composer" (2000) is available from A-R Editions, "Virtual Music" (2001), and "Computer Models Of Musical Creativity" (2005) are both available from MIT Press. His music, listed on his Website at, falls into three cycles: algorithmic, Navajo, and Post-Tonal. Recordings include a variety of orchestral works available from the Smithsonian Institution and chamber music on Vienna Modern Masters.

Education and Training: 
B.M., Arizona State University
M.M., University of Southern California