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Ph.D. Faculty

Photo by Steve DiBartolomeo

Specialists on the UCSC faculty include:

Amy C. Beal
20th-century American music; experimental music, post-1945, biography

Benjamin Carson 
Cognitive musicology; music and identity

Nicol Hammond
Queer theory, gender and sexuality, popular music, race, nationalism, postcolonial studies, South Africa, vocal music, listening

Karlton Hester 
Spontaneous and premeditated composition of the African diaspora

Anatole Leikin 
19th- and early 20th-century European music

Tanya Merchant 
Musics of Central Asia and the former Soviet Union, music and gender, Baroque music; nationalism, globalization, and institutionalization of music

Leta Miller 
20th-century American experimental music, 16th-century chanson, madrigal, and C.P.E. Bach

Dard Neuman 
20th-century Hindustani music: musicians, colonialism, nationalism, technology and pedagogy

Nina Treadwell 
Italian Renaissance and early Baroque music, gender and music