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Departmental Fund for Grad. Research

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Departmental Fund for Graduate Student Research and Professional Development


UCSC Music Department is happy to announce a new financial resource dedicated to our graduate students. To take advantage of this opportunity, the deadlines for this academic year are 1/20 for Fall/Winter and 4/14 for Spring. All Travel must comply with University of California rules and regulations.


Departmental Fund for Graduate Student Research and Professional Development (GSRPD)


This is a new program, effective within the 2016-17 fiscal year, that supplements other sources of funding available to students through the Arts Division (, GSA (, UCSC Travel (, etc.


This fund is for new and continuing graduate students who incur expenses involved in research and/or professional development, which can include: funding performances, travel to academic conferences, festivals, field or archival research sites during the 2016-2017 academic year (travel or events before September 2016 and after June 2017 will not be considered).


Purpose: To encourage graduate students to take advantage of off-campus professional development opportunities, to present their work or attend and network at conferences and festivals in their fields, to support travel associated with off-campus research, including performances.


Deadlines: Applications for travel or events are due by Friday of week 2 during the quarter that they occur, and a final report of at least 200 words should be submitted to the Director of Graduate Studies Tanya Merchant <>  by the last day of classes in the quarter that it occurs. This year, we grant an exception to any events or travel that occurred in Fall quarter 2016 – students are still eligible for funding, provided that they submit an application by Friday of week 2 in Winter quarter (1/20/17).


Amount: A maximum of $500 can be awarded to eligible students (per academic year). Please note, the funds cannot be retroactively applied (with the exception of Fall 2016). Funds are dynamic — not all students will receive the maximum amount, and available funding varies each quarter.



-All graduate students enrolled in good standing in the music department.

-Students must be registered/enrolled in a minimum of 10 units during the academic term in which the research/travel/professional activity takes place and for which reimbursement is being requested.

-Students on Filing Fee status are not eligible for reimbursement of expenses incurred while on Filing Fee. Students cannot request reimbursement for expenses incurred during an approved leave of absence, while lapsed (unapproved leave), or after withdrawing from the university.

-Students must be aware of and in compliance with academic regulations for financial support as outlined in chapter VII of the Graduate Student Handbook. (


Continuing students:

-Students who have already been awarded travel funds through Cota-Robles, Arts Division, GSA, UCSC Travel, or Graduate Division funds will still be eligible for GSRPD funds at the discretion of the Chairperson.


Allowable Expenses (in accordance with UCSC Travel policy):

-Conference/Workshop registration and fees

-Honoraria for performers

-Travel expenses to and from:

   -Academic conferences/workshops


-Field/archival research sites


-Other professional activities that relate to student research


Disallowed Expenses:

-Purchase or rental of equipment (including computers or electronics)

-Alcoholic beverages

-Dissertation editing fees

-Tuition and/or fees for credit-bearing courses

-Recreational/social events outside of sanctioned events

-Incidentals during travel


Student Procedures: Submit completed application, via online form (you must be logged in to your email account to access), no later than Friday of week 2 during the quarter in which the event occurs. A complete application will include the following:

-Name of conference, festival, workshop, or the institution/location where research is to be conducted

-Travel timeline or itinerary

-Itemized budget indicating estimated costs and the sources of those estimates, total cost, and any other sources of funding you have received for the travel  (e.g., department funds, research grants)

-Synopsis of the work and justification for the travel/expense. Those presenting at conferences should provide title and the accepted/published abstract.

-Faculty advisor's indication of support


Students will be advised of the status of their applications on a rolling basis.


Once funded travel or event has occurred, file for reimbursement by submitting original receipts and your approved budget to Susan Gauteri (


A final report of at least 200 words should discuss specifics of the successfully funded event/travel and the benefits to students' career trajectories is due on the last day of classes for the quarter in which the event occurred.


Contact: UCSC Music Department Director of Graduate Studies: Tanya Merchant <>