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Advancement to Candidacy

Advancement to Candidacy

Before applying for advancement to candidacy you must pass the Qualifying Examination, complete all required course work, verify that you have fulfilled the foreign language requirement, and clear any grades of "Incomplete" from your record.

Advancement to Candidacy takes effect on the first day of the quarter following the receipt of the following forms, available on the Graduate Studies forms page

  • Report on Qualifying Examination (completed by the QE committee)
  • Nominations for Dissertation Reading Committee (submitted by the student)
  • Report on Language Requirement (completed by the Graduate Program Coordinator)

The Advancement to Candidacy fee wil be charged to the students account once the paperwork has been processed.

The reading committee for the dissertation will probably be largely the same as that for the Qualifying Examination, but the student has the option of requesting a change in the committee membership. A The Dissertation Reading Committee must have at least three readers, the majority of whom must be academic senate members. Any change in the membership of the committee must be approved by the Graduate Dean.

You must be registered for at least one quarter between advancing to candidacy and the awarding of the degree. The Division of Graduate Studies has strict guidelines regarding normative time to degree and academic standing. Please refer to the Graduate Student Handbook for these guidelines.

If the degree is not awarded within seven years from the date of Advancement to Candidacy, your candidacy will lapse and you will be required to pass a new qualifying exam or other formal review prior to submitting the dissertation. The results of this examination or review will be submitted to the Graduate Council.