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Course requirements for the DMA degree

Graduate students must take all core courses for a letter grade. These courses include the following: Music 200, 201, 202, 203A-H, 206A-D, 219, 220, 253A-D, and 254A-M. Independent study courses (Music 261, 265, 295, 297, 298 and 299) and the colloquium course (Music 252) may still be taken with the Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory grade option. Please note that grades of C or D do not satisfy any course requirement for a music graduate degree.

All DMA students are required to enroll in Music 252: Current Issues Colloquium (0 credits) every quarter until advancing to candidacy (after completing the Qualifying Exam).

Students who enroll in Music 252 for a letter grade must attend all meetings each quarter to receive a grade of 'A.' Students with one unexcused absence will receive a grade of 'B,' and those with two unexcused absences will receive a 'C.' Please note that grades of C or D do not satisfy any course requirement for a music graduate degree. Students may also enroll with the Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory grade option. A 'Satisfactory' requires attendance at the majority of sessions in a given quarter (3/4 or 2/3). Excused absences are for medical reasons, jury duty or other court attendance, or other extenuating circumstances, all of which must be documented. Students should notify the instructor via e-mail prior to a meeting they cannot attend. In some cases, students who have missed meetings may be given the grade "Incomplete," and a written assignment or other work determined by the instructor will be assigned for removal of the grade 'I.'

Required courses:

  • Music 200: Introduction to Research Methods 
    • May be waived for students entering the DMA with an MA in music; students should consult their faculty adviser
  • Music 202: Tonal and Posttonal Analysis
  • Music 219: Techniques in Composition
    • Required during first year of enrollment
  • Music 220: Graduate Seminar in Music Composition
    • Prerequisite: course 219. May be repeated with different instructors
  • Music 206A: World Music Composition
  • Music 206B: Computer-Assisted Composition
  • Two of the following elective seminars: 
    • Music 201: History of Music Theory from the Greeks Through Rameau
    • Two quarters of Music 267: Workshop in Computer Music and Visualization
    • Music 203H: Area Studies in Performance Practice
    • Music 203G: Concepts, Issues, and the Practice of Ethnomusicology
  • Music 297, Independent Study (required for preparation of the Qualifying Exam)
  • Music 298, Graduate Recital (enrollment required the quarter of the Qualifying Recital)
  • Music 299, Thesis Research (composition for the dissertation project)

A minimum of five quarters total of graduate independent study (297, 298 or 299) are required.