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D.M.A. Dissertation

D.M.A. students must complete a dissertation consisting of a substantial musical composition accompanied by an essay. The composition must attain the highest professional standard inasmuch as it constitutes the primary research and creative work represented in the dissertation as a whole. The essay is understood to be a supplemental document that may address theoretical, technical, aesthetic, or cultural issues pertinent to the composition. One to two years of work beyond the qualifying examinations should be sufficient for the completion of the dissertation, except in cases where extended fieldwork is required.

Dissertation Reading Committee 

The Dissertation Committee will comprise at least three members of the Qualifying Examination Committee, two of whom must be faculty members of the Academic Senate, and will be selected by consensus of the members of the Qualifying Examination Committee. A “Nominations for Dissertation Reading Committee” form must be submitted to the Graduate Dean with the report of the Qualifying Examination.

Final Examination 

 The final examination will be a public oral defense of the dissertation. After an oral presentation by the candidate, the candidate will be questioned by the Dissertation Committee.

Submitting the Dissertation

The dissertation must be uploaded to the Proquest online database and the title page sent to Graduate Division. Please refer to the Dissertation Preparation Guidelines. A bound copy of the completed thesis should be turned in to the Music Department as well; this can have any type of binding and be on any type of paper.