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Pre-Qualifying Review

Before the end of the first year of study, all D.M.A. students must present the equivalent of a half recital of their compositions from that year, which composition faculty will use to assess student progress in the program. In unusual cases, when progress has been minimal, faculty reserves the right to terminate a student’s enrollment in the program. Typically, the half recital is satisfied by a combination of 1) participation in a concert of graduate-student compositions sponsored each April by Porter College and the Music Department, and 2) participation in a public reading of graduate-student final projects from Music 219 and 220.

An additional purpose of the Pre-Qualifying Reviews is to assign a dissertation adviser to each student. These assignments are made collectively by the composition faculty at the end of the first year of study. A student who wishes to work with a particular faculty member should propose the arrangement to that faculty member by the end of Spring term for consideration at the Pre-Qualifying Review meeting.