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M.A. Degree Option for Doctoral Students

Students who enter our doctoral programs with a bachelor's degree (both those continuing in the program and those leaving the program before completion of the doctoral degree) may apply for the M.A. degree if the appropriate requirements have been fulfilled

For Ph.D. students, that following must be completed to receive the M.A. degree:

  1. Completion of a minimum of five quarters at UCSC;
  2. Completion of courses 200, 201, 202, one course from the 203A-H series, 252 each quarter in residence, one course from both the 253 and 254 seminar series, and 297;
  3. Evidence of completion of the equivalent of one year of a foreign language at UCSC;
  4. Completion of the fourth-quarter research paper.

D.M.A. students must complete the following to receive the M.A. degree:

  1. A minimum of five quarters at UCSC;
  2. A minimum of 35 graduate or upper-division course credits (including all courses required for the MA degree with an emphasis in composition);
  3. Successful completion of the Qualifying Recital (Music 298).