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"Incomplete" Grades

A grade of "Incomplete" may be assigned for work that is of passing quality but is incomplete, if prior arrangements have been made with the instructor. The instructor should be consulted as soon as you realize that you will not be able to finish the course work, in order to prevent a failing grade for the course.

An "Incomplete" must be removed by the end of the third quarter following that in which it was received (unless the instructor specifies an earlier date), If this is not done, the "I" will become a failing grade (either "F" or "U", depending on the grading option.) Please see the Academic and Administrative Calendar in the graduate handbook for the exact date for removal of "Incomplete" for fall, winter, or spring quarters; in summer the "I" must be removed by the deadline for completing all requirements for the degree.

In order to meet the deadline, download the form from the Registrar's website and  submit the form and the completed work to the instructor. The instructor will sign and submit the form to the department to forward to the Registrar's office.

If you will not be able to remove the "I" by the end of the third quarter, the Graduate Division must be petitioned to allow the extension. The Graduate Council has determined that students may receive an extension of only one quarter. 

All incompletes must be cleared prior to taking the qualifying exam. A student can not advance to candidacy with a grade of "I" on their record.

You should also be aware of the department policy for allocation of fellowship support that requires that students must enroll in and complete required courses in a timely manner, and must remove a grade of ‘Incomplete’ in any core course (200, 201, 202, 203 seminars) before June in order to be awarded a fellowship to be effective during the next academic year.