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Course requirements for the MA degree

Please note: Graduate students must take all core courses for a letter grade. These courses include the following: Music 200, 201, 202, 203A-H, 206A-D, 219, 220, 253A-D, and 254A-M. Independent study courses (Music 261, 265, 295, 297, 298 and 299) and the colloquium course (Music 252) may still be taken with the Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory grade option. Grades of C or D do not satisfy any course requirement for a music graduate degree.

Required Courses:

Music 200, Introduction to Research Methods (offered every year in fall)

Music 201, History of Music Theory from the Greeks Through Rameau (offered every other year in winter)

Music 202, Tonal and Posttonal Analysis (offered every other year in winter)

Music 252, Current Issues Colloquium (0 credits). Students entering in fall 2007 and thereafter are to enroll each quarter in residence. Students who enroll in Music 252 for a letter grade must attend all meetings each quarter to receive a grade of 'A.' Students with one unexcused absence will receive a grade of 'B,' and those with two unexcused absences will receive a 'C.' Students may also enroll for the grade Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory. A 'Satisfactory' requires attendance at the majority of sessions in a given quarter (3/4 or 2/3). Excused absences are for medical reasons, jury duty or other court attendance, or other extenuating circumstances, all of which must be documented. Students should notify the instructor via e-mail prior to a meeting they cannot attend. In some cases, students who have missed meetings may be given the grade "Incomplete," and a written assignment or other work determined by the instructor will be assigned for removal of the grade 'I.'

Music 298, Graduate Recital

Music 299, Thesis Research (not required for students with a performance practice/conducting emphasis unless completing the full thesis)

Students with an emphasis in ethnomusicology or performance practice must also complete the following:

Three courses from the Music 203 A-H series. Course 206D meets the requirement for one 203 course. It is possible in some cases to substitute ONE of these seminars with a course from the 253 or 254 series.

Students with an emphasis in composition must also complete the following:

Music 219, Techniques in Composition

Music 220, Graduate Seminar in Music Composition

One course from the Music 203 A-H series