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M.A. Final Project Requirements

The MA final project is the culmination of the student's academic and performance work in the master's program. In all cases, the final project will include both performing and scholarly components, but the weight of these two components will vary depending on the student's emphasis (students are assigned to one of three tracks at the time of application):

Composition emphasis: a recital (Music 298) and an original and substantial musical composition along with an essay that addresses historical, technical, and/or interpretive issues of the music (Music 299). The recital will consist of performances of works composed during the master's degree program; in most cases, the thesis composition will be the focus of this recital.

Ethnomusicology/musicology emphasis: a thesis of substantial length (Music 299) and a short performance or lecture-recital illustrating the materials discussed in the written thesis (Music 298).

Performance practice or conducting emphasis: a full-length recital (Music 298) and an accompanying short essay that addresses historical, technical, and/or interpretive aspects of the music performed. For conductors, the requirement is further refined as a full-length recital along with one of the following: a shorter lecture-recital, a short analytical or contextual essay on a different topic, or collaboration with a graduate student composer or faculty composer on a premiere public performance. Enrollment in 299~Thesis Research is not required, nor is submission of a “Master’s Thesis Reading Committee” form, or submission of the essay to Graduate Studies.

Preparation of the thesis or essay
a) Students completing a full thesis only: Your thesis must be prepared exactly according to the Dissertation and Thesis Preparation Guidelines in order to be accepted by Graduate Studies for uploading to the ProQuest/UMI dissertation site.  Audio and video recordings can be uploaded with the thesis. A bound copy of the completed thesis should be turned in to the Music Department as well; this can have any type of binding and be on any type of paper.

b. For students completing the shorter essay: Two readers are required, but you do not need to follow the Graduate Division formatting requirements. A bound copy (with any type of binding, on any type of paper) must be turned in to the Music Department, along with a DVD or CD of any performance. The disc should be labeled with your name, date and title of lecture/performance, and "M.A. in Music."

Support for the Final Project