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Dissertation Support

Each doctoral student is eligible to apply for funding to support expenses incurred from her/his dissertation project. Awards are based on availability of funds and usually range between $400-$600. Applications are reviewed by the Discretionary Funds Committee, which comprises music faculty and staff.

MA students, and DMA or PhD students entering with a master's degree, are eligible for one award during their entire degree program to support thesis/dissertation, MA-level recital or Qualifying Recital costs.

DMA students entering with a bachelor's degree are eligible for an award in support of the MA-level recital/thesis, and a second award to support the DMA Qualifying Recital and dissertation. PhD students entering with a bachelor's degree may apply for two awards to support research.

Each fall the Discretionary Funds Committee will notify students about application procedures for funding. In order to request funds, the student must submit a form (available from the department office) to the Discretionary Funds Committee, c/o the department office. If the student wishes to use this funding for travel costs required for dissertation research, the student must submit a letter to her/his dissertation adviser, who will then, if the request seems appropriate, indicate approval and forward the request to the Discretionary Funds Committee, c/o the department office. If the request is approved, airline boarding passes and original receipts for other travel expenses must be submitted. For reimbursement for purchases, original receipts and a brief explanation of their purpose must be submitted. All receipts should be submitted to Facilities Manager Susan Gautieri.

Discretionary funds cannot be used to pay UCSC students or music faculty performing in graduate recitals; students are expected to support their colleagues by playing without fee. To request payment for non-student performers, contact Dave Morrison at least three weeks before the recital. Please note that you cannot be reimbursed for any payment you make directly to performers. The Music Department provides an additional $100 to support recital expenses; see Dave Morrison for details.

Discretionary funds can be used for costs related to your thesis/dissertation or recital such as books, paper, copying, binding, etc. You can also be reimbursed for travel expenses incurred for research. Original receipts are required for all reimbursements. Contact Susan Gautieri for details.