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Support for Music Graduate Students

Financial support from the Music Department and other sources

Each student entering either doctoral program with a bachelor's degree is eligible for financial support for 4 academic years (12 quarters), and each student entering the program with a master's degree is eligible for support for 3 academic years (9 quarters). This support can take the form of a teaching assistantship, a fellowship, or other financial assistance. Students in the Master’s program may also receive these types of financial support if the department has sufficient funds and resources available.

The size of any TA appointment will vary according to other financial support provided. Award of financial support, i.e. appointment as a course assistant, fellowship support, or award of discretionary funds, is contingent on satisfactory academic progress, as assessed by music faculty, including successful and timely completion of all course requirements, remediation requirements, and progress on preparation for the qualifying exam and the dissertation.

Please note the following from the Graduate Student Handbook:

“The total length of time a student may hold any one or a combination of the following titles may not exceed four years (12 quarters): Reader, Teaching Fellow, Teaching Assistant, Associate In ___. Under special circumstances, an exception may be granted for additional appointments beyond 12 quarters. System-wide regulation does not permit graduate student appointment beyond 18 quarters."


Doctoral students, and in some cases M.A. students, will be eligible for consideration for fellowship awards to partially offset tuition and fees each academic year. Because the amount of fellowship funds allocated to the Music Department varies considerably from year to year, it is not possible to assure that awards will be made or to estimate the amount of awards. 


Support for M.A. Final Project

Support for the D.M.A. Qualifying Recital

Dissertation support (Ph.D. and D.M.A. students)