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The Jazz, Spontaneous Composition and Improvisation Minor

The Jazz, Spontaneous Composition and Improvisation Minor supplements the music major and other artistic fields of study by providing insight and training in emergent modes of making music using jazz and other improvised traditions. Like the Western Art Music Music Minor, it begins with a grounding in Western music, but includes basic study of jazz practice, theory, and history, as well as disciplines from Africa, Latin America, the United States, Europe, and South Asia.


A student may obtain a minor in Jazz, Spontaneous Composition and Improvisation by completing the following:


1. Music 11B

2. Music 14 (Students may waive this requirement by placing directly into Music 30A in the Theory Placement Exam)

3. Music 30A

4. Music 74 or Music 75. Students may also elect to take two quarters of Music 3 or Music 164 to fulfill this requirement.

5. Music 174 or Music 175

6. Two of the following courses:

  • Music 105A
  • Music 105C
  • Music 111B
  • Music 150I
  • Music 150S
  • Music 203B
  • Music 203H (Music 203H may be repeated for credit, as long as it is with two different instructors)

7. Six quarters of ensembles, three of which must be jazz ensembles (Music 3 or Music 164). If a student took two quarters of Music 3 or Music 164 in place of Music 74/Music 75, they must take one additional quarter of a jazz ensemble, as well as the three remaining quarters of any ensemble.


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