Music Department Staff

  • Graduate Adviser and Programs Coordinator

    Lisa is the Graduate Adviser and Programs Coordinator for the Music Department at UC Santa Cruz. She is also an ethnomusicologist and lecturer in the San Francisco Bay Area. Her research interests include Baroque performance practice, music and tourism, and traditional music performance in...

  • Recording Technician


    Bill "Dawg" Coulter is a man of many talents, and many languages. He speaks Gaelic fluently, and leads haggis hunting trips in Scotland in his spare time (only during the hunting season of course). He is a master duck-carver and has the largest collection of stuffed pillows in...

  • Department Manager

    Alice has served as the Music Department Interim Department Manager since May 2017. She was previously the Music Department Undergraduate adviser and Department Assistant from 2007-2017....

  • Music Center Facilities Manager
  • Undergraduate Adviser
    Department Assistant

    Cory is a near-lifelong musician - he began drumming at age 8, playing professionaly a few years after. Though he mainly plays jazz and R&B, he is adept in many styles, and loves to experiment with different sounds. He graduated with a Bachelor's in Music from UC Santa Cruz in 2015, adding...

  • Staff Accompanist

    Colin Hannon performs regularly in the Bay Area as a pianist and music director and is the music director for the United Methodist Church of Santa Cruz.  He also maintains a private teaching studio. 

  • Peer Advisor

    You can find me in the office pushing pencils, in the practice rooms playing guitar, or at the Kresge Natural Foods Coop chowing a bagel.

  • Staff Accompanist
  • Technical Director

    Dave has an extensive history in the music business, with many great stories to tell, including introducing Johnny Cash on stage, working out on the road with INXS, hangin' with Ice-T, and managing a nightclub for 7 years. Dave manages and books the Recital Hall, and drives a white Volvo...

  • Music Department Student Assistant