Music Department Staff

  • Recording Technician


    Bill "Dawg" Coulter is a man of many talents, and many languages. He speaks Gaelic fluently, and leads haggis hunting trips in Scotland in his spare time (only during the hunting season of course). He is a master duck-carver and has the largest collection of stuffed pillows in...

  • Assistant Manager
    Undergraduate Adviser

  • Music Center Facilities Manager
  • Music Department Lead Student Assistant
  • Staff Accompanist
  • Technical Director

    Dave has an extensive history in the music business, with many great stories to tell, including introducing Johnny Cash on stage, working out on the road with INXS, hangin' with Ice-T, and managing a nightclub for 7 years. Dave manages and books the Recital Hall, and drives a white Volvo...

  • Administrative Manager (On Leave)
  • Piano Tuner and Technician


    Jeff tunes, regulates, voices, repairs, adjusts, rebuilds and renovates grand and upright pianos as well as harpsichords, fortepianos, clavichords, virginals and other early keyboard instruments to the exact tonal qualities and touch desired by faculty and guest performers on a...

  • Graduate Advisor

    Samuel Shalhoub graduated from the University of California Santa Cruz in June, 2016, with his Master of Art degree in Music. His emphasis was renaissance lute and classical guitar performance practice, yet he cultivated many of his other talents as well, including conducting wind ensemble,...