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Transfer Students


The Music Department encourages transfer students to take the core curriculum placement examination and seek academic counseling before transfer. Transfer students with some background in music theory normally test into music 15 (offered Winter, Spring, and Summer) or into 30A, which is only offered fall quarter. Students who test into course 15 this course in their first year in order to prepare to enroll in course 30A the following fall. Transfer students who have completed all of their general education requirements and who test into 30A upon transfer may be able to complete the music major in two years.

Want to start this summer?  Come take Music 15 in the Summer Academy: Transfer to get ahead in your degree requirements.  Meet with your adviser and get to know our department before the rush of fall.


B.A. transfer students should note that upon completion of course 130, they need to perform on a musical instrument or voice at an upper-intermediate level. Prospective students wishing to have their performance skill level assessed by faculty in preparation for entry to the program may send a tape for faculty review.


B.M. transfer students should prepare to audition in the fall quarter after enrollment. (For audition requirements, see the B.M. Major) In certain cases, some or all of the applied music requirement may be waived based on prior course work.


Please note:  Transfer students/Prospective Transfer Students should contact Undergraduate Adviser, Cory Graves-Montalbano (831-459-2804) for transfer specific advising information (phone advising is preferred over email). 


*** New Student Scholarship Opportunity Deadline recordings must be postmarked by January 31, 2018 ***