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Emeriti Music Faculty

Research Professor, Professor Emeritus of Music, Director, Santa Cruz Baroque Festival

Baroque music and performance practices; historic keyboard repertoire (harpsichord, organ,and fortepiano); Indonesian music cultures; ethnomusicology; new and experimental music, including bio-music.

Professor Emeritus of Music

Algorithmic Composition, Musical Intelligence

Professor Emeritus of Music, Dean of the Arts, 1992 - 2007

The themes of his leadership have been the synergy of scholarship and practice, the richness of cultural diversity, the incorporation of new technology, and the planning and design of an outstanding center for the arts.

Professor of Music (Emeritus)

Anatole Leikin specializes in Classical and Romantic performance practice, music history and theory, and piano performance.

Professor of Music Emerita

Musicologist Leta Miller specializes in 20th-century American music.

Professor of Music, UC Santa Cruz , Strauss Professor of Music, Emeritus, Dartmouth College

Larry Polansky (b. 1954) is a composer, theorist, teacher, writer, performer, programmer, editor and publisher.