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Bachelor of Arts Degree


Course requirements:

1.    First-year theory courses: Music 30A, B, and C (entrance requirement: Music Core Curriculum Placement Examination). (Students who have not yet taken a university-level theory course are recommended to take Music 13, 14, and/or 15 to prepare for the Placement Exam. Students with little to no keyboard experience are recommended to take the introductory keyboard course Music 59 prior to starting Music 30.  The Music 30 series requires concurrent enrollment with the Music 60 keyboard series. Students with significant keyboard experience are given the opportunity to test out of individual quarters of Music 60.)

2.    Second-year theory courses: Music 130 (entrance requirement: Keyboard Proficiency Exam), Music 150

3. Music history courses: Music 101A,B,C and 105

4. Music 180A, 180B or 180C: Studies in World Musics

5. One from: Music 121, 124, 150, or Music 180 

6. Music 105 or 120: Senior Capstone Course

7. At least 6 quarters enrollment in private instrumental or vocal lessons. Note: students should reach at least a lower-intermediate level on their instrument or voice by the Advisory Audition (at the end of Music 30A). Applied faculty (teachers of voice and instruments) are not required to accept a student with less than a lower-intermediate level on the Advisory Audition, even though that student has been accepted into Music 30.

8. It is a requirement of the major that all students must reach an "upper-intermediate" level on the Proficiency Audition (at the end of Music 130).

9. At least 6 quarters enrollment in Music Department ensembles, 3 quarters of which should be in large ensembles (Chamber Singers, Concert Choir, Orchestra, Gamelan, Latin American Ensembles, Large Jazz Ensemble, Wind Ensemble). Students are urged to participate in ensembles every quarter. The sample schedule on p. 6 shows how the requirements can best be fulfilled.

Additional requirements:

1. Music Core Curriculum Placement Examination for placement in the core course sequence.

2. Advisory Audition during Music 30A.

3. Proficiency Audition during Music 130.

4. Satisfactory Senior Comprehensive Examination.