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Music Courses

MUSIC COURSE OFFERINGS LIST (a living document, geared towards our Undergraduate programs, that will be updated by the Music Department for upcoming quarters): click here

Please see Course Descriptions, as well as our Program Statement and degree requirements, in the UCSC General Catalog.

Please note that courses and instructor assignments on the course offerings sheets are SUBJECT TO CHANGE. 

The official UCSC Schedule of Classes shows finalized information for the quarter(s) currently enrolling or in session. For scheduling details of future classes in quarters not yet appearing in the Schedule of Classes, please consult with the Music Department:


Graduate Student Independent Studies:

Graduate Students looking to enroll in an independent study course (including lessons and ensemble participation) for the current quarter should fill out THIS GOOGLE FORM

  • Please note that this for is for GRADUATE students only - undergraduate students who wish to add an independent study course should speak with the undergraduate advisor.