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Information for Incoming and Prospective Students: Auditions and Placement Exams

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 Audition Information: 

 The UCSC Music program does not have an audition process as part of the UCSC general admission application process. No supplemental information is needed on the university application. Students interested in the Music Major can propose a Music Major on the UC application, but this is not mandatory. After being accepted into UCSC, students individually email the faculty instructor of their instrument to discuss/arrange an audition to determine if they are at level on their instrument for our program. 

 Music majors typically have 5+ years of private instruction in classical technique and repertoire upon entering the University. Students at a beginner level should be advised to find another major or minor in music. Lessons are only offered on standard orchestral instruments (upright bass, classical guitar, classical voice, etc). Students study standard (classical) repertoire on their instruments. ALL MAJORS must complete proficiency juries on their primary instrument in as a major requirements. 

Placement Exam Information: Click here to see the sample exam (Sample Exam Keys: Part I - HERE, Part II - HERE)
The placement exam is offered only once each year. The Fall 2019 Placement Exam will be held on Tuesday, September 24th from 10AM-12:30PM in the Music Center Recital Hall. No need to register, just show up  on the day of for the exam. Bring a pencil. 

Placement exam will determine what level theory majors will being with which can effect time to graduation. . Students that have taken theory courses or the AP Music Theory exam are still required to take the Placement Exam. Credits for the courses taken from other schools/AP Exams may transfer over and contribute to the student's class standing, however, the Placement Exam is the only way students can test into the correct theory level for their background. 

 Transfers students are strongly encouraged to take the exam the year before they apply as placement results will determine if the students spends two or three years completing the major. If the student places into Music 13 or Music 14, then the only major requirement they can complete in their first year are individual lessons & ensembles in the Fall, Winter & Spring and Music 13/14 at some point during the year. All potential and incoming Transfer students should email to schedule phone-advising.

 Students without theory background do not need to take the Placement Exam. These students can plan to take Music 13/14 - Beginning Theory & Musicianship I/II courses offered throughout the year (see Schedule of Classes). Students will not be able to enroll in Music 14 when online enrollment appointments open for the Spring - they music place into it via the Placement Exam (see above for info), and should attend the first day of class to receive a permission code from the instructor. Priority is given to music majors and minors by class standing.