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Cory Graves-Montalbano

Assistant Department Manager & Undergraduate Programs Coordinator

Cory started drumming at age 8 (although his parents would swear he was banging pots and pans years before that), and began playing professionally a few years after. Cory attended UCSC from 2011-2015, where he added piano, guitar, and composition to his wheelhouse of musical interests, eventually graduating with highest honors and a Bachelor of Music in drum set performance.

These days, Cory mostly finds himself playing Americana rock with the Coffis Brothers and jump-blues swing with the Alpha Rhythms Kings, but is adept in many styles and loves to experiment with different sounds and genres.

Find Cory on the road at a live show, at a baseball game, or at a wine bar, vehemently arguing his case that Deep Space 9 is the best Star Trek franchise.

831-459; x2804
Education and Training: 
B.M., University of California, Santa Cruz