Ph.D. Candidate, Cultural Musicology; Cota Robles fellow; Porter College teaching fellow


The attached video includes Ramon Gutierrez and Son de Madera, world-class jarocho musicians with whom I've spent time in their lutherie; Cesar Castro, teacher at Occidental College singing La Morena; Martha Gonzalez, teacher at Scripps college and 2013 grammy winner along with her band Quetzal, singing an original composition; Maria de la Rosa, important subject of my work, talking about the human vibe; and myself at about 5:00, playing jarana in the front row of musicians next to the dancers, standing next to my tall, white-haired husband. Soon coming: videos taken by me of son jarocho events, particularly those led by Bay Area women, the subject of my dissertation, which uses Chicana feminism to locate how this ancient ritual music enables resistance and transcendance among many subaltern identities.