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Recital Hall Booking Info

Photo by Steve DiBartolomeo


The Recital Hall's primary function is to serve the needs of the UCSC Music Department for classes, lectures, rehearsals, recordings and performances. The Recital Hall currently hosts more than 85 performances and five recording projects a year, and few evenings or weekends go unused.

The dates not used by the Music Department may, at the department's discretion, be used by campus or community groups. Priority is generally given to musical events that suit the acoustical dynamics of the Hall, complement music instruction and benefit the campus community.

During academic breaks, the hall is available for limited uses only. Use fees will likely be higher, as student labor is unavailable.

Bookings for the academic year can be made after the Music Department's production schedule has been finalized. This typically happens by the end of February in the previous academic year. Requests for use of the Music Center Recital Hall should be submitted to the Music Production Supervisor in early February and should include preferred dates and a general description of the event.

A basic rate sheet is available directly from the Music Production Supervisor. Please note that costs may change and are not confirmed until an agreement is made between the user and the Music Department.

For booking and more information, please contact: Dave Morrison - Technical Director