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Santa Cruz Baroque Festival: Concordian Dawn

North rose window of Notre-Dame de Paris (ca 1250), Rayonnant Architecture. Photo Julie Ann Workman
Saturday, March 18, 2023 - 7:30pm
Holy Cross Church
210 High St. Santa Cruz, CA 95060

Concordian Dawn, the Medieval music ensemble of New York City, presents seldom performed virtuosic Organum Quadruplum by Pérotin of Nôtre Dame de Paris (±1155 – ±1200) and other 4-part treasures of Medieval music from Ars Antiqua to Ars Nova, assisted by Cappella Pérotinus male voices. A concert by candlelight in a magnifient acoustic and visual space.

  • Christopher Preston Thompson, Director, tenor, Medieval harp
  • Clifton Massey, countertenor
  • David Dickey, countertenor, recorder
  • Thomas McCargar, baritone
  • Niccolo Seligmann, vielle

Concert Sponsor: Dean Silvers