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Western Art Music Minor

Western Art Music Minor requirements

The goal of the Western Art Music Minor is to provide a focus for musicmaking activities, by way of establishing a strong background in music theory, history, and performance.


Minor Requirements:


1. Choose one of the following courses:

  • Music 11A: Classical Music from the Middle Ages to the Present, OR
  • Music 11D Introduction to World Musics

2. Music 30A, 30B and 30C: Theory, Literature, and Musicianship (and associated Ear Training, Musicianship, and Keyboard labs)

3. Six quarters of upper-division performing ensembles.

4. Six quarters of Instrumental/Voice Lessons. (6 Lower Division credits, plus 9 Upper Division credits).

  • 3 Quarters of Music 61: Half-Hour Lessons (Fee: $350), Music 62: Hour Lessons (Fee: $650), or Music 63: Group Lessons (Fee: $100), 
  • 3 Quarters of Music 161A: Half-Hour Lessons (Fee: $350), Music 161: Hour Lessons (Fee: $650), or Music 161B: Group Lessons (Fee: $100)

5. One of the following courses:

  • Music 101A, 101B, or 101C: History of Western Art Music, OR
  • Music 180A, Music 180B, or Music 180C: Studies in World Musics