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Photo by Steve DiBartolomeo

Upcoming or On-Going Events and Festivals




Past Notable Events and Festivals

Pacific Rim Music Festival
Professor Hi Kyung Kim directs the internationally recognized Pacific Rim 
Music Festival.

Workshop in Algorithmic Computer Music
David Cope directed the long-standing UCSC Workshop in 
Algorithmic Computer Music (WACM)

2009 ISIM Festival/Conference
UCSC hosted the 2009 ISIM Festival/Conference.
Karlton Hester, Director

Symposium on New Directions in Opera
In Spring 2007, UCSC presented a Symposium on New Directions in Opera featuring the premiere (live) performance of an opera by Lou Harrison. Here is a review of the opera performance.

Festival for Korean Gayageum and Western Instruments, 2007 
Hi Kyung Kim, Director

Festival of Global African Music, 2002 and 2003
Karlton Hester, Director