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David Smith

Lecturer in Music - Jazz Bass

Hailed as a "Sorcerer of Bass" by Italian instrument designer Enrico Pasini (Pasini Basses), David has created an innovative approach towards channeling creative imagination through the six-string electric bass and five-string double bass. Having held down the bass chair for Dr. Karlton Hester's (Music Professor, Centaur Records, Author) Hesterian Musicism since 2009, David understands how to ground, propel, and converse with large and small high-caliber ensembles. These ensembles hosted musicians and artists from the world of jazz as well as from around the world from Korea, China, and Japan to Mali, Ghana, and Chile. David has also worked with notable artists and ensembles Archie Lee Hooker, India Cooke (Sun Ra), Steven Pasero (Sugo Music), Nourbese Phillips, Jin Hi Kim, Saigon Chamber Ensemble, Denny Brown, James Moody, Roger Humphries (Horace Silver), Will Rogers (Stanley Clarke), Charles Tolliver, Erik Nielsen (Studio 4D8), Scott Mathews (Tiki Town Studio), Jason Akana (Tacoma FD), Eddie Gale (Blue Note), Tammy L. Hall, and older brother Paul Smith (Eight Days A Week Recording Studio).

Research Interests: 

The Blues, Gospel

John Coltrane, Charles Mingus

Matthew Garrison, Hadrien Feraud

Music from the World

Premeditated and spontaneous composition

Virtuosic precision

Layered storytelling

Fifths Tuning

Music Center Studio 121
Selected Recordings: 

2015 Karlton Hester's Trans-cultural Musicism

2019 Karlton Hester: Quantum Elders Ballet

2023 Quantum Elders Consciousness Vaccine

Education and Training: 
M.A. Music, San Jose State
B.A. Music and Cultural Anthropology, University of Pittsburgh