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The Jazz Minor

The Jazz Minor supplements the music major and other artistic fields of study by providing insight and training in emergent modes of making music using jazz traditions. Like the music minor, it begins with a grounding in Western music, but includes basic study of jazz practice, theory, and history.

A student may obtain a minor in jazz by completing the following:

1. Music 11A [offered in Fall and Summer]

2. Music 15 (or course 30A placement) [offered Winter, Spring, and Summer].

3. Music 75

4. Music 175

5. Music 111B [Students not qualified to take course 111B must also take course 11B; course 30B is also a prerequisite.]

6. One of the following: Music 11C, 11D, 80J, or 80Q

7. Six quarters of ensembles, three of which must be jazz ensembles Music 3 and/or Music 164 (at least two must be upper-division)

8. Music 174