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Classical Guitar Ensemble

Classical Guitar Ensemble - Study of selected repertoire and instruction in performance for classical guitar ensemble. Currently the Classical Guitar Ensemble is directed by William Coulter, who has achieved the following degrees: B.A., University of California, Santa Cruz. M.A., San Francisco Conservatory of Music. M.A., Ethnomusicology, University of California, Santa Cruz. Programming for the ensemble happens quarterly, and is adapted to abilities of the students enrolled. The ensemble presents regular public concerts both on and off campus each quarter. For more information, contact William Coulter directly:

Check out the CGE performing one of its student's own compositions in May, 2016:

The UCSC Classical Guitar Ensemble was originally founded in the Fall of 1999 under the direction Mesut Özgen. Mesut commissioned and premiered many ensemble works written specifically for the UCSC Guitar Ensemble, including Pick and Roll for guitar ensemble, two violins, tenor sax, and basketball by Ben Verdery, Mountain Mission by Adam Cotton, Snapshots by the Bay by Chris Pratorius, Quaditorio by Jack Vees, Following the Wind by Mark Aitken, and the guitar orchestra arrangement of Giuliani’s Grand Overture by Peter Constant. Some of the other repertoire performed by the ensemble includes works by Bach, Tchaikovsky, Brouwer, Garcia, Johanson, Duarte, Ogawa, and Charlton. Several video clips of the ensemble can be viewed at 

See the Auditions Schedule and the Schedule of Classes for further detail