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Mariachi Ensemble

Mariachi Ensemble (MUSC 12) 

This ensemble practicum will focus on the stylistic practice of mariachi music of Mexico and the transnational influences that it has integrated pertaining to style, repertoire and technique. We will survey the variety of genres that are incorporated within the mariachi repertoire. We will take from classic arrangements as well as newer arranged pieces that demonstrate the breadth of the ensemble. The class will centralize efforts learning dance music such as the son jaliscience, polkas, waltzes as well as popular singing genres that include the huapangocanción rancheracorridos and boleros. Those with experience playing trumpet, violin, guitar, vihuela and guitarrón are welcomed to enroll.

The class will not focus on teaching students how to play these instruments. Those who play other instruments should talk with the instructor prior to enrolling. 

See the Auditions Schedule and the Schedule of Classes for further detail.