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Audition Schedule

Fall 2022 Ensemble Audition Schedule:

Auditions are held 1-2 days before the quarter begins or at the first class meeting.
Fully up-to-date audition information will be posted 2-3 weeks before Fall quarter begins.
Students who and are accepted will be given a permission code to enroll.
For more information, please contact the ensemble director (info found below): 

Balinese Gamelan Ensemble 

Central Asian (Eurasian) Ensemble

Chamber Music Workshop

Chamber Singers

Classical Guitar Ensemble

Early Music Ensemble

Live Electro Acoustic Ensemble

Experimental Music Ensemble

Small Jazz Ensembles

Large Jazz Ensemble

Mariachi Ensemble

North Indian Music Workshop

Opera Workshop

Percussion Ensemble

Resident String Quartet Program

Rhythms of North India

University Concert Choir

University Opera Theater

University Orchestra 

West African Drumming (Ghanaian) Ensemble

West Javanese Gamelan Ensemble: Beginning

West Javanese Gamelan Ensemble: Intermediate

West Javanese Gamelan Ensemble: Advanced

Wind Ensemble

Individual Lessons: For more info, please follow this link.

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Ensemble Audition Info:


To enroll, email the instructor, Brian Baumbusch, at

Our multi-layered ensemble contains both simple and complex parts to suit multiple student levels.

Working with a Balinese musician and Balinese dancers, the class prepares across the three quarters for two open rehearsals and a Spring quarter public concert–so please consider your enrollment a year-long commitment. We explore various topicsin Balinese culture and perform on two types of traditional Balinese gamelans.

Music 8 is graded on attendance and progress in playing parts starting at your own level, so do plan on coming every time and putting your best effort into every rehearsal.

Music 8 is open to all students. 

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Students should enroll and attend the first class meeting where we will evaluate their abilities and previous training (but all are welcome, regardless of previous musical experience). Students will be given a permission code to enroll at first class meeting.

Contact Tanya Merchant, 831-459-5762 with any questions.

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Chamber music ensembles are established at the beginning of each quarter.

A recommendation from your applied music instructor is required to participate in Chamber Music this quarter, and possibly a recommendation about suitable literature for your chamber music experience.

An option for those who like Handel, Bach, Mozart or Haydn, will be to enroll in Early Music Ensemble (Music 163) for an early chamber music experience.

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Director: Michael McGushin,

Class Meeting Times: Mon/Wed, 3-5PM Rm 131.

Online Sign Ups for auditions are posted on this Google Doc:

Auditions consist of the following:

  • new auditionees will be asked to sing a prepared aria or art song; please bring a copy of sheet music for the instructor to play accompaniment from 
  • scales and vocalises led by the instructor
  • sight reading of a few short excerpts from choral repertoire (from easy to advanced)
  • ear training (hearing and singing back melodic excerpts)

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Online enrollment before an audition is not possible. Auditions are held 1-2 days before the quarter begins or at the first class meeting. Students who audition in the Fall and are accepted will be given a permission code to enroll.

Email the ensemble director for audition information.

Bill Coulter, Director -

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Admission by permission of the instructor. Please contact Nina Treadwell prior to the beginning of the quarter to meet and receive a permission code.

Instructor: Nina Treadwell

The class is open to all those interested in exploring early ensemble repertoire for voices and instruments. We will be focusing on Renaissance and Baroque repertories. No prior experience necessary.

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Explores the live performance practice of electroacoustic music, including historical repertoire, improvisation, and compositions by participants. All manner of electronic audio resources are applied to real-time performance.

Participants need a basic proficiency in electronic audio and computer tools. Enrollment is restricted to juniors, seniors, and graduate students. Enrollment is by permission of the instructor at first class meeting.

Yolande Harris -

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Email Amy Beal (Director) at: directly to join the ensemble.

Please contact prior to the first rehearsal. 

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All students are welcome to audition for all UCSC ensembles. Consideration is given to Jazz Minors and Music Majors needing ensemble credit.

The Small Jazz Ensembles class is organized in groups of 4­-8 players working with music traditions of the Jazz idiom. Groups perform composed arrangements and work to develop original arrangements of Jazz standards and student compositions. The class performs in concert each quarter.

Email Instructor for enrollment directions & questions. 

Instructor: Charles Hamilton -

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Auditions for UCSC JAZZ BIG BAND Remote Auditions!

Here is what you need to know about auditioning for the big band.

For the audition:
Be prepared to play two octaves ascending and descending of Major and minor scales.
Drummers and percussionists will be asked to demonstrate their knowledge of the basic jazz idioms: swing, bossa nova, rock, samba.
Have a prepared jazz piece on which you will also improvise.
You will be asked to sight read a jazz chart with music notation, chord (symbols) changes, and improvise on them.

Please note: because the big band must be taught online, the audition will also be online. Please send a phone number and you will be called and a time set for the audition. The sight reading music will be sent to you at that time via email or text.
Jazz ensemble meets Weds only, from 5:20- 6:55 PM.

ONLINE CLASSES: the class will be taught via zoom. Weekly recordings will be required. We will be using BandLab.
You may use a computer or tablet with either iOS or windows, or smart phone, either iPhone or android, for both programs. If you have a chance to get a mic before the semester starts, it will be helpful.

Recordings and mixing of final product will be available on the UCSC website. Being accepted to the Jazz Big Band means you agree to being recorded and having it available on the website or elsewhere.

Please contact Mr Hamilton at to set up the time.

We are really looking forward to seeing you!

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This ensemble practicum will focus on the stylistic practice of mariachi music of Mexico and the transnational influences that it has integrated pertaining to style, repertoire and technique.

Those with experience playing trumpet, violin, guitar, vihuela and guitarrón are welcomed to enroll.

The class will not focus on teaching students how to play these instruments. Those who play other instruments should talk with the instructor prior to enrolling. Please contact the instructor directly for more information:

Russell Rodriguez -

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A course covering the music of North India taught using the oral traditions of Indian music. For beginners as well as more experienced students, this course is well suited for instrumentalists and vocalists. Admission by instructor; instructor determination at first class meeting. 

Students who audition in the Spring and are accepted will be given a permission code to enroll.

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Offered in Fall and Winter quarters only.

Tuesday and Thursday, 4:00-7:00 p.m., 131 Music Center

Sheila Willey, director -

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William Winant, Director

Interested in joining the Percussion Ensemble, or taking percussion lessons? Contact William Winant: email or , or call 510 213 5905 to join.

No Audition necessary. Contact William to join the ensemble.

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The goal of this course is to introduce students to the richness of North Indian rhythms. The language of rhythm that is specific to learning the tabla will be explored, in a hands on fashion. This course is intended for beginners, and all are welcome.

Contact the instructor for more information:

Ashwin Batish -

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Director: Nathaniel Berman -

Class Meeting Times: MW, 5:20-6:55 PM, Music Center 114.

Please note: Concert Choir is meeting IN PERSON this Fall, with participants distanced and wearing appropriate singing masks (provided by the department).


This quarter, there are two options for auditioning for Concert Choir.

Option 1: In-person audition during the first week of school. 

An in-person audition is nice so that I can meet you and hear you live, but singers must bring and wear a mask during the audition. If you wish to do this, please sign up online here: In-person auditions are low pressure, and consist of sung scales and vocalises (accompanied), ear training, and a short sight-reading excerpt (accompanied). Auditions will be held on 9/21 and 9/26 as you’ll see on the linked document. If you audition in person, you do not need to follow any of the directions that appear below in Option 2, just sign up on the link above.


Option 2: Video audition (due by Tuesday 9/21):

If you choose to make an audition video, the process is more time-consuming and complicated, but you can audition in your own space without a mask. If you choose to do this, please read the rest of the directions below very carefully before proceeding. You will need to 1) fill out an audition Google Form, and 2) make a video audition following the video I’ve created, linked below.


To proceed with a video audition, here are the steps:

First, fill out this audition form (but read the rest of the instructions first!):

As part of that form, I’ll ask you to submit an audition video, which you’ll need to do by watching and singing along with this video: Note that the first few minutes are the instructions (basically what I’m writing below) and the actual sing-along portion begins at 4:45.

To do this, you’ll need two devices (phone, computer, tablet, etc.), one to listen with, and the other to make your video.

There will be two things asked for the video: sing along with three vocalises (scales and such) that I play on the piano, then sing a song of your choice. the song can be any song that you know, from an aria or musical theater song to something as simple as “Happy Birthday” or any pop song that you know. Don’t worry if you just sing Happy Birthday; that’s fine.

The best setup for listening to my video and singing along is to wear headphones or earbuds with one ear on and one off, with volume turned up well. Having one ear uncovered will help you sing more comfortably.

If you’re uncomfortable with using headphones, you can have my video playing out loud, as long as I can hear you clearly.

Finally, once you’ve created your video, please share it through the google form where asked, either on a private Youtube link, Vimeo, or any accessible platform. I know that this way of auditioning is awkward, and I encourage you to just do your best and know that I understand that it may be strange!

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Email instructor for enrollment directions. 

Offered in Spring Quarter.

Tuesday and Thursday, 4:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.

Sheila Willey, Director -

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UNIVERSITY ORCHESTRA (Music 2 and 102): 

Music 2 (2 credits), TTH 5:20–6:55 PM, Music Center 114.

Conductor: Bruce Kiesling - Contact Bruce for audition information.

Returning members do not need to audition to join the orchestra.

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No audition info currently available for this ensemble - please contact the instructor directly for more information:

Francis Kofi Akotuah -

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See Schedule of Classes for section times.

Gamelan Studio, 230B Music Center.

Undang Sumarna, Director

Admission by instructor determination at first class meeting.

Students will be given a permission code to enroll at the first class meeting.

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Wednesday , 10:40-12:40 p.m., Gamelan Studio, 230B Music Center.

Undang Sumarna, Director

Admission by instructor determination at first class meeting.

Online enrollment before an audition is not possible. Students will be given a permission code to enroll at the first class meeting. 

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Monday, 6:00-7:45 PM, Gamelan Studio, 230B Music Center.

Undang Sumarna, Director

Admission by instructor determination at first class meeting.

Online enrollment before an audition is not possible. Students who audition in the Fall and are accepted will be given a permission code to enroll at the first class meeting.

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MW, 7:10-8:45 PM, 114 Music Center.

Instructor: Nat Berman -


For Fall 2021 there are two audition options:

1) in person, which simply requires signing up and appearing at your chosen time, or

2) creating a video audition, following the steps below. You may choose either option, but if you submit a video, please do so by Tuesday, 9/21.


For an in-person audition, please sign up on this link:


An in-person audition is nice so that I can meet you and hear you live. I’ll ask for a scale, a prepared piece of your choice (2-3 minutes of something that you’ve worked on recently and that shows your sound and technique as a player to the best of your ability). I’ll also give you a brief sight-reading excerpt. If you sign up for an in-person audition, you can disregard the steps below


For a video audition (due 9/21 or sooner), please follow the steps below:


Please start by filling out an audition form here:


As the last step of the form, you’ll be asked to link to a video of your audition on your instrument. The audition consists of one scale (up AND down) and one prepared piece of your choice. Here are the details:


Winds: please play scales slowly, articulating on quarter notes at about q=60. The purpose of the scale is to demonstrate your tone and intonation throughout your range, so focus on playing each note as beautifully as possible. Note: If the requested scale goes above your comfortable range, you can either turn around at your highest comfortable note or choose a slightly lower scale. Contact me for consultation if the scales don’t work for you.


Please play the following scales, slowly, tongued, both ascending and descending:


Flute: A major, 2 octaves

Oboe: D major, 2 octaves

Clarinet: D major (C concert), 2 octaves

Bassoon: G major, 2 octaves


Alto sax: D major (concert F), 2 octaves

Tenor sax: D major (Concert C), 2 octaves

Bari Sax: D major (concert F), 2 octaves


Horn: A major (concert D), 2 octaves

Trumpet: Bb major (concert Ab), 2 octaves

Trombone: G major, 2 octaves

Tuba: G major, 2 octaves


Second: Prepared piece

Please play a piece, or excerpt of a piece, that is ~3 minutes long. 2-3 minutes is fine, and if you are not sure what to play you may contact me, but generally, I’d hope for something you’ve worked on in the past and feel excited about playing. The idea is to do your best to show your technique, range, and expressiveness. Please understand that I know that making a video audition is difficult and awkward, and I’m not looking for perfection, just to see where you are as a player. It’s fine if your scale and piece are two different cuts (even with two separate vids) but please don’t edit your final prepared piece, even if you make a mistake or pause. It’s fine to record in lower video quality to save a long upload, as long as your audio is clear.


Once you’ve recorded these things, you may share them to me by either a private YouTube link or google drive, vimeo, dropbox, etc. Please email me once you have submitted your audition so that I am sure that I don’t miss it for any reason.

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