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Declaring the Major / Minor

Photo by Steve DiBartolomeo

1) Students must pass Music 30A with a "C" or better.

Music 30A is only offered in the fall and is part of a year long theory sequence. Music 30A is the prerequisite to all major requirements. There are no other courses (besides lessons and ensembles) that can be taken to fulfill major requirements, without first passing Music 30A.

2) Complete an online “Petition for Major/Minor Declaration” (;

3) To declare the major (not the minor), obtain applied instructor’s signature on the “Primary Instrument Instruction Authorization” (forms available from the Music Department Office); Note: Students who demonstrate insufficient potential when auditioning for individual instruction may have limited access to lessons, and they may be denied entry to the major.

4) Consult a music faculty adviser to print and complete the  “UCSC Academic Planning Form” found online (

5) Obtain approval of completed form at Music Department Undergraduate Adviser.

To Declare a minor (jazz, or electronic music) Students enrolled in a music theory course (i.e., Music 15 or 30) may declare a minor in jazz, and students enrolled in Music 123~Electronic Sound Synthesis may declare a minor in electronic music, by the following process:

Electronic Music Minor

The Jazz Minor