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Declaring the Major / Minor

Declaring a Major:

1) All students interested in declaring a major must first pass MUSC 30A with a "C" or better (with the exception of students interested in declaring the Global Musics concentration of the Music B.A. major, who only need to pass MUSC 14 or 16 with a "C" or better).

  • MUSC 30A is typically offered in the Fall as part of a year long theory sequence, and in Spring as a standalone course (for Major/Minor tracks that only require MUSC 30A). MUSC 30A is the prerequisite for many upper-division major requirements. Other courses that will fulfill major requirements that you can take before passing 30A are MUSC 14, MUSC 16, lessons, ensembles, and courses in the MUSC 11/80/81 series. Occasionally, if proficiency can be shown, students can take other courses by instructor permission, on a case-by-case basis.

2) Complete an online “Petition for Major/Minor Declaration” form in your MyUCSC portal;

  • If you are declaring the Music B.M. major, or the Western Art Music concentration of the Music B.A. major, you must obtain your applied instrument instructor’s signature on the “Primary Instrument Instruction Authorization” form (also available in the Music Department Office);
    • Note: Students who demonstrate insufficient potential when auditioning for individual instruction may have limited access to lessons, and they may be denied entry to the major.

3) Once you have completed your declaration form and obtained your primary instrument authorization signature (if necessary), schedule a meeting with the Undergraduate Adviser to draft an academic plan and complete the declaration process. Advising can be scheduled via email at <>.

4) Consult a music faculty member (anyone from this list) about being your Faculty Adviser. Once you have settled on a FA, have them sign your “UCSC Academic Planning Form”, where it says "Adviser, major 1" in the bottom left.


For more information on our two majors, please see the relevant major pages:

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Declaring a Minor:

**You must have a major declared before declaring any minor(s)**

Electronic Music Minor: Students who have taken MUSC 80C or MUSC 30A, and have taken or enrolled in MUSC 123 may declare the EM minor.

Jazz, Spontaneous Composition and Improvisation Minor: Students who have passed MUSC 30A and have begun taken ensembles towards the minor requirements may declare the Jazz minor.

Western Art Music Minor: Students who have passed MUSC 30A and have begun taking lessons and ensembles on their primary instrument towards the minor requirements may declare the WAM minor.


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